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Shanghai Source App

Shanghai is a fast and ever-evolving city. How can we easily keep up with of all the latest alerts, events and more?

Understanding Point of View Statements

Your insights are valuable. Use them to develop Point of View statements in the Define stage of the Design Thinking process. Observing and listening to your users is an invaluable resource to your product’s success—before, during, and after a product launch. And even more important is the ability to synthesize and translate their experiences into […]

The Define Stage: Where Problems Are Your Guide

Problem-statements in design thinking are a good thing. They invite focus and clarity into your work. I moved to Sydney from the U.S. in 2008. The first generation of the iPhone was released, but of course, as a recent college grad, I didn’t own one of those yet. Instead, I familiarized myself with my new […]

People are Personas

Understanding the value of personas in UX design, and how to build your own. Quite popular in UX Design, personas are an exercise in empathy in which we use storytelling to understand data. For every user group, a persona can be created to communicate those facts in the form of a person. By transforming abstract […]

Undercover Boss & Dippin’ Dots

Uncovering empathy in the hit reality tv show Undercover Boss This week I watched my first ever episode of Undercover Boss—a reality tv show (usually not my thing) that follows the head of a company as they go undercover to discover what’s really going on with their business, employees, and customers. In other words, Undercover […]

Empathic vs Analytic Modes of Thinking

Learning how and when to use both in the empathy mapping process Grocery shopping can often become a battle between my emotions and my budget. As I weave through the aisles, checking items off my list, I frequently find myself debating between purchasing the fair trade item for double the price or grabbing the “regular” […]


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