The Journey to Here

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Michelle, a creative problem solver currently located in Shanghai, China. I earned my Bacherlor’s degree in Communication Arts from Texas State University in 2007, and have since had the opportunity to design and art direct for agencies in Sydney, Austin, and Washington DC. Always striving to leave a positive impact, my career has focused mostly on building brands and campaigns for non-profits and value-based companies. These experiences have allowed me to hone-in on my creative process, while solving unique challenges for many great clients along the way.

In recent years, I have become extremely interested in the field of interactive design. Realizing an opportunity to expand my areas of expertise and career development, I decided to return to university and earn my Master’s in Interactive Media and Communications. I intend to bridge my prior experience in branding and art direction with user experience and front-end development to become a full-stack designer. My goal is to co-exist within these three core pillars of design (ux, visual design, and front-end development) in order to build beautiful and intuitive branded experiences for clients.

Investing in college (again!) was a really tough decision; but after a ton of thought and research, I am excited to join Quinnipiac University on this journey. Here is where you can follow my work as I progress through the M.S. program. I look forward to sharing my realizations with you as I learn new things, and become an active member of our industry.

Until next time!

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