ICM506 Writing

The Path of Writing

A few months ago, I chatted with a friend who was excited to share updates on her illustration class. We are both Designers and discussed how art has always been a part of our lives. She described a mini version of herself, who, as a child, would draw and paint non-stop. I left the conversation feeling inspired by her and a little lost for myself. 

She’s kept her inner child alive through art. Did I do the same? Yes, I love what I do, but is Design my childhood calling? As I scanned my memory bank for my beloved childhood hobbies, I realized that they were reading and writing. For Christmas, I would ask for books like Aesop’s Fables, read them several times over, and then write my own stories profusely. My creative tools weren’t markers and paintbrushes; they were pencils and words. 

A few old my books and journals I found rummaging around my parent’s house.

Despite not becoming a professional writer, writing is still a creative source I often tap. In the agency world, I’ve worked on several branding and campaign concepts. A significant component of my work is communicating the ideas behind the visuals to clients. By incorporating descriptive copy into my presentations, clients understand the creative solutions better. 

Visual Concept Description
The new logo focuses intensely on the human element of the organization’s work. The three abstract figures represent the three main countries and their three main focus areas. The elements mimic architectural figures to illustrate themes from the brand story of building up and moving forward. The transparency within the design adds depth to the figures–symbolizing a community moving forward together. The colors and type add warmth to the brand and fill it with hope.

When I attended SXSW, writing translated the lessons that overloaded my brain into insights I could share with others. When I moved to Shanghai, writing helped me process and share my experience with those curious to follow along. It seems writing has always been there for me—but I had blinders on to its presence. 

When I consider what kind of writer I am, I reflect on these examples for commonalities and see an attempt at authenticity and understanding in each story. With a lot of my writing rooted in my own thoughts and experiences, it also becomes personal. No matter the topic, I hope my voice is genuine and that the audience senses that. I’m excited to focus intentionally on my writing, build my voice, and dive deeper into the world or writing I immersed myself in as a child.  

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